The Kind

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We women are photoshopped, augmented, cinched in, and torn down to honor the idol of beauty. And it can be easy to fall prey to the idea that our worth is determined by how closely we match fiction.But, what if we honored a different sort of beauty? Let’s celebrate the kind of beauty that radiates from the inside, bringing warmth and igniting joy in every circumstance. Let’s be women who strive for a beauty that loves fiercely and fights for goodness with all of its strength. Let’s show the world that truest beauty perseveres through tough seasons and shows up for friends; it recklessly showers kindness and assumes the best in others.Beauty is not skin-deep; it’s heart deep. Be beautiful. Be kind.

We hope this necklace encourages your heart or the heart of a friend to radiate kindness from within. A simple act of kindness goes a long way.

This necklace is made and produced by our friends at Golden Thread and will ship separately from other products on the site.


- 18 inch chain

- 24-Karat plated pendant is approximately 20mm